• Commands

    Introduction Commands are the core part of the Reveno engine. They are responsible for initial request handling, business/validation logic, and … Read more →

  • Configuration

    Introduction All more or less important things in Reveno can be configured. In order to start changing values, you should … Read more →

  • Transaction Actions

    Introduction In order to perform any transaction in Reveno the first thing you must do is execute a command. Typically, … Read more →

  • Repository

    Introduction In the Reveno, the Repository is an in-memory entity objects holder. It’s used from commands with read-only, and from … Read more →

  • Serializers

    Reveno serialization From the previous sections you know about сommands and transaction actions, which are passed to appropriate handlers during … Read more →

  • Queries

    Introduction For the outside world Query model is defined. It automatically catches up changes from transactional one eventually, but with … Read more →

  • Storage

    Introduction In a typical transactional environment, the results of every successful action must be saved on some physical storage, with … Read more →